Business Association in Chongqing, Chongqing Entrepreneurs Association jointly issued the Top 100 En

July 27, Chongqing Business Association, Entrepreneur Association of Chongqing  published ¡°the top 100 enterprises in Chongqing in 2010¡±

List shows, Zongshen Industrial Group Co., Ltd. ranked 12.
The List is based on sales revenue of enterprises in 2009 by the principle of voluntary reporting companies assessed. Threshold for the list this year were 7.52 billion yuan, 1.5 billion increase over last year.

Among them, the Chongqing Changan Automobile Co. to 81.861 billion yuan revenue retained the title. Followed by the Chongqing Trading Company (Group) Co., Ltd. only net profit in excess of 20 billion yuan.

It announced that a total of 100 companies achieved revenue of 496.3 billion yuan, a net increase of 69 billion yuan over the previous year. An increase of 16.2%; 18.2 billion profit, up 28.8%; tax 28.5 billion, a net increase of 4.6 billion over the previous year yuan, up 19.3%. In addition, the total assets of 100 companies increased by 22.3%.

In the 100 companies, there are 12 of them; revenues have more than 10 billion yuan. There are 93 of them; operating revenues reached more than 10 billion, which is eight more than last year.

From specific sectors, there are 57 industrial enterprises, 14 onstruction companies, 17 commercial enterprises, 5 transport enterprises, 2 real estate companies, 3finance and insurance enterprise, and one engineering design enterprises.

Auto industry is still the largest pillar industry of Chongqing. In the listed 100 industrial enterprises, there are 19 in the automotive, motorcycle and parts manufacturers.