Zongshen PEM first electric motorcycle is on the market now


Top speed of 60 km/h, can be charged by ordinary household power. One full charge takes about 12 hours, consumes 2.5KWh, and last about 100 KMs.

performance indicators of ¡°Toronto ". In addition, it also can easily climbed slope up to16 degrees like other gasoline motorcycles Zongshen PEM official Mr. Long
 "Low-emission, save money is another sparkle of this electric motorcycle." Long says, "Toronto", the cost of 10,000 KMs Using is only 128RMB (including 78RMB electricity and 50RMB maintenance),¡± while gasoline motorcycle with the same performance, the cost of 10,000 KMs using is 1400RMB. "Toronto" cost 10 times less¡±

In terms of price, even through battery and motor are much more expensive. The selling price of "Toronto" is only a few hundred RMB more than the comparable gasoline motorcycle.
"Being the first one to introduce electric motorcycle, not only shows Zongshen technology strength, it will also become the weapon to preempt the motorcycle market." Long said. From 1 July this year, all motorcycle manufacturers have stopped producing national¢̣standard of gasoline motorcycle, instead of producing national III standard.

Journalists from Chongqing report that since 1 July the shutdown of national¢̣standard, and the market is still in promotion stage of national III standard. Motorcycle manufacturers are facing productivity declining of more than 30%. The industry expected a loss in the next half year.  Some small scale motorcycle manufactures will phase out from the industry.

¡°as a matter of fact that national III standard is just a transition for emission reduction. Electric motorcycle is the future trend." Long says, Chairman of the Board, Mr Zuo saw the future of motorcycle industry. In recent years Mr. Zuo has been frequently contacting international battery giant, hope to lead Zongshen become the leader of electric motorcycle industry.